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Flemming Jacobsen


Oelstykke, Denmark

94 个文件

137 次销售

  • 在线图数:94


  • 图集曝光率:0.02%


  • 每图平均下载数:1.457


  • 月均上图数:0.78


加入时间: November 30, 2008


Mr. Flemming Jacobsen has worked with photography for many years, starting in the teenage years when everything was analog and the outcome was much more dependent on the recording. After the shoot, you could then influence the outcome far less in the dark room, compared with today's opportunities in the digital "darkroom".

Today, the photographer uses only top-notch equipment, and works only with digital formats.

Mr. Flemming Jacobsen is working with great passion for the photography as an expression form. The photograph is much more than just a "freeze of time". The photographic media is highly qualified as an artistic expression form.

The visual language is very powerful, and affects us all, regardless of ethnic background or education level.
Main equipment: Nikon D3 camera house Nikon AF-S 14-24 mm. f/2.8G ED Wide-angle zoom lens Nikon AF-S 24-70 mm. f/2.8G ED standard range zoom lens Nikon AF-S 70-200 mm. f/2.8G ED VR tele zoom lens Verious Lastolite flashes Manfrotto mono- and tripods


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