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Johnna Nonboe


Højslev, Denmark

107 个文件

220 次销售

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加入时间: May 16, 2007

I started in this business in August 2006 with very few pictures trying to make enough money with photos from an Olympus C-50 pocket-cam and computer illustrations, to by a DSLR, and succeded *BIG SMILE*. Still hanging on to Olympus but now an €510. Next step will be decided when I see if people like my new pictures, too.
Doing vectors, drawings and illustrations, on my pc as well to gain the goal as quick as possible. Then, with a proper camera and a faster graphics computer, I'll let the stock photos and illustrations be my life savings to use when I get too old to press a shutter at a camera, make my mouse draw curves and lines, and to click "save file" on the computer ;-)
Diff. CGA programmes for vector and bitmap illustrations, HP scanjet 5530, and DSLR camera: Olympus €-510
illustrations, cliparts, decoration, backgrounds and nature


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