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您要出售图片首先要在网站注册,您能通过 注册页面.

选项。 在加载文件之前您必须确定下列标准符合:

Must be your personal work and you must own the copyright upon everything within it
Traced illustrations should have the original image uploaded in the Property Release area (if it is not the case you should mention the illustration is your own work, created from scratch, in the notify admins area)
Don’t upload offensive content such as explicit nudes, drugs, people in offensive positions, racism
Add a relevant description to your file to increase its relevancy in searches. Don’t use all caps for the name and description.
Check the image for all the faults listed in 指南如下:
Must have a Model Release for all recognizable people in your image or video (files must be JPEG or PDF, filenames must contain only letters and numbers, no special characters)
Clear copyright: such as labels, logos, characters from cartoons or movies, buildings protected by a trademark (such as new sculptures), cars like Ferrari and Porsche, Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Coca-Cola bottle, the Olympic logo circles etc.

File requirements

Images & raster illustrations
  • 1GB maximum file size
  • JPEG/RGB files
  • Best quality compression
  • At least 3 Megapixels resolution
Vector & RAW files
  • For illustrations: .ai, .eps, .cdr and .svg files
  • For photos: Camera RAW files (full formats list)
Video clips
  • Quicktime MOV format preffered
  • Photo JPEG/MJPEG codec preffered
  • Up to 30 seconds length recommended, up to 60 seconds acceptable in certain cases
Audio files
  • WAV or FLAC format
  • 44100 minimum samplerate
  • 16-bit minimum precision
  • Up to 600 seconds length




当摄影师在Dreamstime.com的账户余额达到$100后,可以随时在管理中心申请提款。 我们目前支持通过银行支票、Paypal或者Moneybookers发送付款。


Earnings for registered users*

*these are maximum values.

Exclusive users also receive $0.20 per accepted upload


Non-exclusive image
Exclusive image
Exclusive user
Non-exclusive image
Exclusive image
Exclusive user
SR-EL1 1 year exclusivity
50% (1/4 SR-EL price)
60% (1/4 SR-EL price)
60% (1/4 SR-EL price)
SR-EL3 3 years exclusivity
50% (3/5 SR-EL price)
60% (3/5 SR-EL price)
60% (3/5 SR-EL price)
SR-EL Sell the rights

当前价格体系从2010年1月开始实施。 在这之前所获取的图片可以在不同的价格体系上使用。Dreamstime会定期更新定价来适应业界变化、市场趋势、技术及知识改进。