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加入时间: February 28, 2016

I am a scientist by training. I learn techniques fast and often self-taught. I believe life isn't a life without artistry. In my spare times I like to travel (with a camera of course), sewing, dance, cooking, and anything that makes life more beautiful. I am now ready to explore how to combine techniques and artistry to create images for others to use and to appreciate.
Currently use Sony Alpha 6000 with Sony 18-105mm f4 lens. Some of submitted photos were taken using Sony Alpha 55 (not working any more) with Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 or Sony 16-105mm.
I have a habit of shoot pictures wherever I go and whatever I see that inspires me. Like most photographers, I definitely have tons of flower and sunset photos. In the recent years I have been practicing shooting figure skaters on ice and dancers on stage because my daughter is in these activities. That's what I bought f2.8 and later f4 lenses mostly for, shooting under low lights and fast speed conditions.


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