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Kinna, Sweden

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Tommy Hammarsten "tommytechno" on spotify is a Swedish photographer who works professionally as both a photojournalist for United Photo Press and an outdoor photographer.
Love to photograph nature in all shapes, invests a lot in macro photography, my latest photo is on sand at the beach different shapes and contours. Also takes misty mornings out in the country with my 500 mm lens.

.He especially enjoys taking photos of summer events in his home country.
My second interest besides photography is to create digital art and can be seen on my site
My latest exhibitions is faces 2017 in portugal.
United Photo Press Photographer and Painter Live in Japan 2014 Tommy Hammarsten exhibit with two pictures. Oizumi Bunkamura June. 27 Ota Eki.Naka gallery July.05
My inspiration varies from day to day, but also on the time of year, now at the spring there will be a lot of flowers.
Nikon Camera D 600 D7100 Lense: Tamron 70-300 mm Sigma 10-20 mm Sigma 150-500 mm Sigma 17-50 mm Macro Sigma 50 mm - sigma 105 mm ex Nikon 50 mm Portable studio Home Studio
kids, people, wedding, abstract, black and White, Film, swans, fitness, photography, interiör, nature, animals, stars, flowers, events, dogs, birds, tigers, lions, digital arts, toppart Spotify



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