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A warm hello to prospective buyers and thank you for viewing my photography. I'm a creative artist in many venues and have made my career in the professional theatre as an actor, director, writer, producer and educator. My love for photography began as a child where the world & everything in it became my canvas. In recent years I began to focus on my photography as an art & I love painting the pictures! It's my intention to transport the viewer into the moments I see & feel, and to evoke feelings within you. Enjoy the ride!
****If you are a Buyer of any of my photographs I would be thrilled if you left me a comment in the comment section of the photo informing me how you will be using my photo. Thank you!****
Canon. Use Tripod when needed. Natural light and very little to no post-editing.
Landscape, Travel, Nautical, Ocean, Nature, Wildlife, People, Street, Photo Journalism

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