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Pierre Leclerc is a Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photographer based in Vancouver, B.C. Born in Quebec, Canada, Pierre learned to appreciate nature and the great outdoors from an early age. His adventurous free spirited nature took him to the west coast of Canada, Hawaii and Ireland where he resided in each location for several years. The healthy lifestyle and the majestic wilderness of British Columbia is what brought him back to Vancouver. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, Pierre’s unique compositions capture the very essence of the landscapes he love to explore. Pierre’s photographs have been published worldwide in a large variety of media ranging from newspapers, magazines, books, calendars, national TV broadcasting and on the cover of Canadian Geographic magazine. And now gaining growing recognition on all social media
Canon EOS 5dsr, 6D 16-35 mm f 4 is 24-105 mm f4 is 70-200 mm f4 is 100 mm f2.8 50 mm f1.8 14 mm f2.8
Landscape, Nature, Travel, National Parks


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