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My name is David S Onassis, I take care of the photographic and footage work with Onassis Global® (UK) Limited, a small registered private company based in the United Kingdom.

All pictures are based on various topics and are high resolution, color and black and white. Each picture is taken with you in mind leaving space in each picture for you to crop, add your text, logo or other without compromising the overall picture quality or utility.

Footage is taken in 4K and HD and are also based on various topics. Longer than 30 second footage are cut into 30 second clips and can be stitched together. Long footage are named as part 1, part 2 etc. You can stitch them together to get the full length shoot.

Models are Italian and Asian and are taken on location in Italy and the United Kingdom.

We, the company, operate in various locations around the world and work on a full time basis to give you to most realistic pictures and footage without the use of heavy editing giving you the best possible realistic quality for your projects.

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David S Onassis
Nature, Wildlife, Dogs, Ambient, Events, Travel, People, Events.



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