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加入时间: December 23, 2004


Before becoming a full-time commercial, fashion, and portrait photographer, Ned Yeung was trained in the art of Visual Communication and worked for various notable corporations in the fields of ad design, illustration, image editing, layout. Throughout his career a shift happened towards the path of photography, a long-time passion for Ned. After re-training for this field, he decided to open up a full-time photography studio by the name of Cyclops Photo Studio, representing the single eye through which the photographer sees the world - his camera. He has since filled the pages of both National and International product and fashion catalogs, some ranging up to hundreds or thousands of pages thick, working also as head photographer for local model agency Nouveau Richè. Cyclops Photo Studio is conveniently located downtown across from Lucky97 Supermarket in the Edmonton Chinatown core.
Olympus E-3 | Olympus E-PL5 PEN | Olympus E-P1 PEN | Zuiko ED 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 SWD | Zuiko 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 | Vivitar 100mm f/2.8 Macro | Carl Zeiss Sonnar 135mm f/2.8 | Konica Hexanon 50mm f/1.4 | Konica Hexanon 85mm f/1.8 | G.Zuiko 50mm f/1.4 | Zuiko 35mm f/3.5 Macro | Zuiko 25mm f/2.8 | KMZ Jupiter-3 50mm f/1.5 | E.Zuiko 200mm f/4 | Zuiko 75-150mm f/4 | Olympus EC-14 teleconverter | VF-2 and VF-3 Viewfinders | EMA-1 Mic Adapter | Olympus FL-36R and FL-50R speedlights
People and Objects, Business and Communications, Sports and Wildlife.


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