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Morgan Capasso


Rome, Italy

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加入时间: August 22, 2007


A thousand words in an image I have always succeeded very difficult to talk about myself and, above all, to express myself with words that I have never been accomplices. Anyway ... I was born in Naples, a city famous for its beauty and poetry, January 21, 1973, where I lived until graduation from high school diploma in 1991. As a child the love of reading, a passion for travel and discovery, shyness accompanied me. The photograph is a rather recent discovery in my life and only in recent years I have discovered why I was so attracted because it allows me, with a single image, to communicate million words easily, both as art forms, both as beauty ... ... After high school I moved to France, in a small village near Saint Tropez which is called the Marine de Gogolin, for work experience at the Shipyard Marine Laurent, where rest for a little over a year; From there, I moved to Paris, where I live for 3 months visiting the city and its museums: surely this was one of the most important periods, or at least the most significant of my life because at that time I approached art further in general, and I felt the strong desire to seek a form of personal expression that would allow me to communicate with others and express my thoughts in freedom. After That ... return to Naples, where rest for almost a year working for a shipyard in the area. In August of 1994 I moved to the United States, to Los Angeles, where initially work at a company that produces sportswear. In Los Angeles, attending an English course at the university, I am aware of an undergraduate degree in commercial photography and photo journalism. Just for fun, as it was a joke, I enrolled in the courses of photography to see what it was ... over time I fell in love without even realizing I followed all courses until graduation. It was during that time I really understood what it was photography and what it really meant to me: it was not a discovery of transcendental but rather accept something of which I was already familiar with, even if not directly ... in very simple words, I had found the my form of expression and communication. In any case, after graduation, I felt the need to study again, and so he obtained a master in the art that allowed me to better interpret what I saw and rework it in varying shape. Meanwhile, in 1999, I founded in Los Angeles Dreaming Blue Fine Photography, with whom he has his first experiences working in the field of photography, the handles with some success in t
Digital Nikon D200 and nikon d300 Film Nikon n90 nikon el Lenaes 24-105mm 50mm 70-210 16-30mm 105mm Medium format mamya 6x4.5 11
Documentary, stil life, monument and artistic nude


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