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Ali Nishan, signature name Millzero, has been a familiar face in Maldives’ professional photographers community. However, it is mostly his social and professional photography which have firmly stamped the young photographer among his professional peers. His social work has led him to participate and conduct workshops and training programs related to media, especially photography, in metro and rural communities, promoting it as an important tool of communication between isolated island communities. Such a versatile career and expansive life experience have resulted in creativity enriched with a keen insight, curiosity and a passion for his subject, firmly giving him a creative edge over his contemporary colleagues. Nishan’s photojournalism work at Ha********u Daily was the catalyst that launched him on the local and international media scene. Having worked as an environmental researcher at Maldives Environment Research Center, Nishan’s photojournalism has reached far corners of the earth through his association with Thomson Reuters, the Associated Press and various UN agencies. His photos are also well-received in artistes’ circles as his professional work has included photographing events and celebrities. Now self-employed as Founder at the Island Cupids, his social responsibilities include being an elected Executive Committee member of Maldives Photographers Association in addition to also being a member of ATOLHU Platform for Artists, a local initiative. ‘Millzero’ today is a familiar mark on photography dealing with various walks of life from Maldives – from tourism, health, science, lifestyle, to environment and entertainment. Nishan’s signature photos leave a lasting mark on the memory, especially his socially-themed local photos that reflect a highly conscious environmental perception. My Portfolio: located: Male’, Maldive Islands tel: +960 7917499 email: nishan[at], millzero[at] facebook: millzeronishan skype: millzeronishan twitter: millzero Why I blog: The reason behind blogging is to improve my writing skills. I know i am very poor in it. But i am trying to improve in my own way.
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Environment, Sports, Surf, Diving and many more

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