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Rubigen, Switzerland

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加入时间: October 12, 2016


Wherever I go, whatever I see, I try to observe without any rush, trying to feel or perceive sensations that are transmitted to me from what I'm seeing...and then, sometimes I take a shot.
As a photographer I'm trying to capture images at the right moment, showing the world that scenario, that story or that emotion. I'm trying to transmit with my images the experiences and feelings of the person behind the camera, but also to make it possible to see, magically what's invisible at first sight and express the environment with the playful and romantic nature that defines me.

I am a motivated and tireless traveler, I have traveled from a very young age to a multitude of countries, guarding in my camera and in my heart instant of lost or hidden places, reports, adventures and I have unconditional love for archeology, nature and open and infinite spaces.
Nikon D810 , Sony Alpha
Landscape, Nature, Cities, Landmarks


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