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Brian Egendorf


Philadelphia, United States

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加入时间: September 11, 2007


I started in the electronic industry supporting digital cameras. As I became more involved, I strove to understand the artistic as well as technical aspects of photography. I have done event photography for the past 4 years, and portrait and general modeling photography for the past 2 years to develop my portfolio. I also teach adult evening classes in digital photography. I am now hoping to expand my horizons and earn a living through my photography. I hope you like what you see!
I have a Canon 20D. Depending on circumstances I shoot daylight, with an eClipse flat panel flash, or a photogenic porta-master 400. I have a few different Cokin square filters..most of them are either ND filters or graduated blue or grey filters. I use a Canon wide angle lens 17-85mm, and a Sigma telephoto lens 70-30mm.
A little bit of everything really. I shoot models, parks, events, macros, candids, bands, headshots/portraits, fashion, goth, art, whatever... Make something new up, I'll probably be interested..


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