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Mario Farinato


Challex, France

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加入时间: February 26, 2008


Farinato Mario

Born: Pompei 20/12/1967


1999 - photographer, New York - working with Calvin French (Boss Model),published in GQ

2000 Photographer, Milan and Geneva - working with Granatapress,Emmeviphoto, WWF international,Infosud,IPS, UN


Work Most recently published in the following publication “Covering the Adermatt Glacier” – How the Climate is Changing published by Dakini London, 2006 Dakini London “Geneva Guide”, Dialogai Geneva, 2005 “Safe Sex”, in association with Mario Anielli, Editor Babilonia, Milan, 2004 “Terraviva” newspaper produced by IPS and Infosud, Geneva, 2004


Geneva Guide by Dialogai Geneva CH 2001

Safe Sex, with supervision of Mario Anielli editor for Babilonia Gay magazine in Milano Italia 2002

Newspaper Terraviva with IPS and Infosud Geneva 2004

How the climate is changing Dakini Book London England 2006

WEB: Artist with creative and aggressive spirit doesn t denied to use the web.

His latest project Kiky( is very followed by the users of the net

La società dei vizi ? Uomo territorio

Organized by Onlus Radica

Special Guest: Robson Oliveira

Sala Murat, Bari 19 - 31 December 2005


Salle Dialogai, Geneva 14 March – 14 May 2005

Leather on Leather

Company gallery, Milan 11 February to 11 June 2004

An artist with a creative and aggressive spirit

Photo of the day corriere dela sera italy Best reportage GEM Geneva English Magazine Geneva


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图像供稿人 Challex, France, France

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