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See my website for fine art prints, coffee mugs and calendars bearing these and other photos. If you would like a print of any photo in this collection, please email me the ID and I can supply directly. For image download order directly from Dreamstime. Until I was sixteen I lived in and around Banff Alberta, and the Kootenays, in western Canada. The Rocky Mountains were my playground. I went to high school at Kitsilano, and to university at UBC, both in Vancouver BC. While at UBC I had my own night club photo business at two clubs in Vancouver's Chinatown. I also did weddings, home portraits, publicity and events for contacts arising out of the club business. I was a photographer and editor for Slipstick, the UBC Engineers yearbook. Student summers I shot landscapes, some of which I sold through a stock agency, and postcards for Grant Mann Lithographers, while working as a surveyor all over British Columbia. While at UBC I spent my days in class, nights in my darkroom developing the prints and mailing them out next morning before going to class. I also proofed wedding pictures for two other local photographers. After graduation I worked as an engineer designing many sucessful electronic products, some of them within my own company, all in the Ottawa Canada area. I have also lived or worked in Canada, USA, Japan, Mexico, Romania, Africa, Indonesia, England, Germany and Italy. I am now retired and wandering the world full time with my camera. What a beautiful place this world is. I hope we don't spoil it any more than we have allready. Currently I am living in Brooklyn NY with my wife Clarice, and wandering city streets for photo ops and occasional professional assignments. I also sell prints on the street from my stand at various locations in NYC. If you are in NYC give me a call on my cell phone 630-890-4843 to find out where I am. Recent travel has been to Java and Bali, Indonesia, in 2007, and to Ontario Canada in 2011.
Sigma DP2 with Fovean sensor: Horseman VR 6x9 film; Pentax S1 35 mm film; Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV 35 mm 3500 dpi scanner; Epson V500 film scanner
Landscape, cityscape, nature, travel


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