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Yevhen Titov


Kharkiv, Ukraine

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加入时间: December 5, 2012


Graduated Kharkov State University, specializing in physics, astronomy.
Graduated Russian State University Of Cinematography (VGIK), Moscow.
Professionally engaged in photography since 1999.
Organized a video production 35studio.
I worked as freelance photographer in theater troupes from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Germany.
Worked as staff photographer at the Kharkiv State Academic Drama Theatre.
I worked as cameraman in Amedia film production, Moscow.
In 2011 he worked as 2-AC cameraman on project “Dau” dir. I. Khrzhanovsky
In 2012 participated on the filming fiction film”Barabbas,” dir. E. Emelin.
I start practice of performance art, CI and somatic practices.
I worked as cinematographer with many drama theaters in Ukraine, in dance performance projects by Stephen Batts, performances Andrey Zholdak.
In 2014 work as cinematographer in “Himerium” project by Dancelab group, directed I. Falkova. Work as cameraman on Kiev Festival of Contact Improvisation.
In summer 2015 I shoot and edit film about Contactfestival Freiburg.
In winter 2015 I shoot film about Israeli Contact Festival.
In 2016 I shoot film about Ukrainian Contact Festival.
Since 2013 and until now, I participate in Dancelab group as performer and video artist.


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