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David Lewis


Bristol, United Kingdom

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加入时间: December 29, 2007

I am currently studying for a BA in photography, and I am interested in fine art photography and commercial work 'with a twist' I appreciate that the classic white background with model wearing headset shot sells like hot cakes, but try to make images that are a bit less generic, likely to sell less, but still commercial and usable. I am building a portfolio, and willing to discuss extremely competitive rates with the right people, for the right job, but I will not work for free, as I believe that an image worth printing is one worth paying for. I use a Pentax K10d with quite middle of the road lenses, but I am in the process of moving up to a full frame set up and full studio. As I am studying for the next three years I have access to studio space, many different camera's, lights and lenses, so a professional commission is possible and welcomed. I can also shoot on transparency if this is still required, and film/scan is possible too. Photographers who I admire are Cindy Sherman, David LaChapelle, Robert Mapplethorpe, David Bailey, Martin Parr and many others, usually those who are a little challenging and maybe subversive I hope this was helpful!
Pentax p30t pentax k10d panasonic fz5 (no longer used)
macro, abstracts, insects


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