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I've been a photographer for nearly 50 years starting with a Pentax Spotmatic. I was fortunate enough to work in camera stores for many years and encouraged to "play' with all the equipment in the store so I have used many different cameras and formats as well as a lot of time in the lab finishing the product. My main cameras over the years have been Pentax, Contax and Lumix. Since starting stock work I have come full circle and switched to the Pentax K1 Full Frame. My advice to new photographers is: While important, photography is Much more than just numbers and formulas. It's art..a piece of your soul that you put into each and every image. So once you have those containing rules ingrained..let them go...and follow what your heart tells you to shoot.
Pentax K1
Historical homesteads in central and eastern Oregon and Washington. Horses of all shapes and sizes.


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