June 11, 2020 - July 9, 2020

Sweet break

  • $300
  • $200
  • $100

For our next assignment, get ready to take a break. You`ll have plenty of work, no worries, for this break is fun, delightful but very challenging. It will require craft, speed, trained eyes and lots of self control. We`ll feast our eyes on sweet breaks!

Before you start cooking your next shooting, here`s the recipe:


- models (1,2, or as many people your country`s social distancing rules allow)
- appetizing looking desserts (icecream, cakes, chocolates, muffins, pancake,, etc )
- bright and happy props

Mix these together and remember that we do not want sweet still lifes - not yummy at all! Instead, use the key ingredient as much as possible - the models - to spice up your photos. Desserts are always the perfect excuse for a luscious indulgence so show us people enjoying desserts. At the end, you should obtain a very dynamic mix of happy, delighted, in-heaven expressions, ecstatic children, wow-shaped faces, all combined with the guilty pleasure, the dessert itself. Garnish everything with the appropriate props and you`re ready to serve the image for the assignment.

Prepare your setting and equipment in advance, desserts get messy under heat.
Be quick to shoot, cake icing melts and models often eat the star of the show.

Good luck and may the forks be with you!