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Cetinje, Montenegro

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Andrija Kasom was born in Cetinje (Montenegro), a town of inexaustiblen inspiration and fascinating artistic energy. He has dealt with artistic photography for six years now. It all started as a hobby and turned into a true real love, a love without deception and lies. He eye cannot but look incessantly for an (un)discovered beauty that exists somewhere around us and that we often pass by without noticing it.It captures that beuty and enternalises it so that can be remembered for days, years...His work so far can be divided into three stages. At the begining he was attracted by atmosphere, by clouds, because he wanted to perpetuate an image that lasts but a few seconds, few minutes...Later, he become interested in erotic photography, wich brought him success in the country and abroad (the magazine "Eros" (Serbia) awareded Andrija's photography as the photography of the month). There have been other awards. In the meantime, since day when everybody turned to themselves and theirown countries, (after Yugoslavia) the motivs from Montenegro have become dominant on his photographs, althought these motivs have been also present in the stage of erotic photography. He is attracted to old abondoned houses, fortresses, Montenegrin landscape...In such a way, he is searching for the times bygone, for the old Montenegro and its symbols. Awards: 2002. First Award at the International Photo Competetion "Montenegro through lens" Bar/Montenegro; 2004. Second Award at the International Photo Competetion "Prolom 2004" Nis/Serbia; 2005. Honor mentions at the 3 rd Photographic Contest of Balkan Countries Athens/Greece; 2009 Honorable Mention for "Detail on sea" at the 14th International Exhibition of Photography "Island and sea" Kukljica/Croatia. I have had 4 independent exhibitions and have taken part in 50 group exhibitions in the country and abroad.


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