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Alexandra Barbu


Bucuresti, Romania

720 个文件

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加入时间: November 8, 2014


I love all kind of arts and I love to create, it is the biggest gift we have from our Creator. I started photography as a hobby, later I got a diploma accredited by the Ministry of Labor, but I evolved rather as a self-educated photographer by studying photography related books, seeing lots and lots of real photos and internet played a role too. It is amazing to see how reality is perceived from the same perspective and how an image can express something different if you snap it with just one step away from the previous point.
I usually use a Canon DSLR and various lens (tele included). Open soul, sharp eye, imagination, music, books, notes and more.
I can find or see something interesting in every subject. I am a curious person and this leads me to learn more about different aspects of life and world.


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