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Robert M. Braley Jr.


Sand Point, United States

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加入时间: October 30, 2007


My first camera was a Kodak Brownie given to me at Christmas in 1957. I still own the camera and have many of the negatives from the early days of the Kodak Brownie.

I moved to Alaska from Santa Monica, California in 1985. In 2008 I retired from the Alaska Air National Guard and U.S. Federal Civil Service.

Today, I travel around with my camera and motor home enjoying the many State and National Parks in the lower 48 states during the winter and return to Alaska for spring, summer and fall where I volunteer as a Refuge Host for The Alaska Department of Fish and Game at Reflections Lake in the Palmer Hay Flats Game Refuge.
Sony DSLR a900 Full Frame camera w/wireless remote commander, Tamron SP 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di USD Lens, and Sony SAL1855 3.5-5.6/18-55 SAM Lens; Sony A-35 AVCHD 3/4 Frame camera with DT16-105mm F3.5-5.6 lens, Sony DT55-200mm F4-5.6SAM lens, Sony DT30mm F2.8 Macro SAM lens, Phoenix 100-400mm; Sony 4color Super HADCCD camera w/fixed Zeiss 2.2,8/7,1-51 T lens; Several Sony Point and Shoot 12-24mp cameras that I carry on my belt for those - Hey, unknown/unplanned photo op moments.
I most enjoy photographically recording historic sites and volunteering as a event photographer for some non-profit organizations and churches. When I am not doing one of the two aforementioned, I photograph landscapes, wildlife and macro subjects, along with the occasional wedding, anniversary or birthday.


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