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Ronald Agius


Vittoriosa, Malta

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加入时间: February 26, 2008

I am Ronald, 24 years old who is currently studying photography at the NYIP but hoping that I will be going to the USA to study at a University for a degree. So that is why I joined this stock site to hopefully make some extra money to save for my studies.

I have always felt artistic but coming from such a small island, the possibilities were limited. I ended up going for something that I totally did not want to do - Nursing. But these days I don't regret it at all because it taught me things that I would have never learnt.

Now that I am open to more possibilities, I am exploring them in more depth and landed on photography. It was either photography or graphic design but I have been taking pictures since I was 4 years old and trying to go pro is my ultimate dream.
Olympus C-4040Z Canon D40 Photoshop CS3 Photomatix Pro Noise Ninja
Geography, History, Photography, Arts


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