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Anja Perse


Domzale, Slovenia

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加入时间: October 25, 2015


My name is Anja and people say I smile all the time. I am an optimistic person, I talk a lot, I am full of plans and ideas and very determined when I want to achieve something.

I was always excited about different areas of art, design and architecture, but at the same time I was a fan of digital era. So photography and video is a combination of all my interests and I absolutely love it!

I have a BA degree in digital arts and practices, where I focused mainly on photography. My knowledge improved when I was working in two different photo studios in Slovenia, I got some interesting video projects, but most valuable experience for me was being a videographer and photographer on a cruise ship. That’s the job that made me work harder than ever, but I got rewarded by seeing so many places and by meeting the best people.

Now I’m looking forward to experience new adventures, meet more amazing people and continue to enjoy work and life.
Canon EOS 60D
Travel, Nature, Architecture


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