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Yorgos Sgouros


Athens, Greece

70 个文件

467 次销售

  • 在线图数:70


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加入时间: May 13, 2008


I create my pictures using both traditional and digital media. I started illustrating professionally almost sixteen years ago. The positive feedback I received during my first interviews at publishing houses encouraged my to work as a children books illustrator. I love illustrating and I love…children! So the decision came up pretty easily! I have illustrated over 100 books including children’s books, fairytales, fiction, nonfiction and educational books. I also create pictures for advertisements, greeting cards, flash games, web pages, t shirts, posters, magazines, stickers, caricatures, comics, storyboards and many more.
I create art because it makes me happy – hoping that this will make others happy, too! I like creating a beautiful picture, a beautiful world for children. Illustrating gives me the opportunity to express my feelings on paper.


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