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Martin Frobisher


Devon, United Kingdom

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加入时间: February 5, 2006

I take varied subjects & as of untill now vertually all my work has been turned into dugital works of art on Canvas selling through various galleries & as an artist I take anything & everything that catches my eye.
The picture I have sent started off as flames in a fire but if you want something else please don't hesitate to ask.
FUJI S2PRO. lens Tamron 28-300mm. flash Nikon speedlight SB-50DX CANON EOS620. lens Canon 50mm. flash speed light. various filters. Canon 8000F scanner. Adobe photoshop. Coral Draw. Adobe Indesign. Also. HP Design Jet 5000 large format printer
All swubjects Varied subjects as of until now vertually all my work has turned into digital works of Art on Canvas

图像供稿人 Devon, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

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