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“I have always been captivated by what I see in nature. From the landscapes and wildlife to the history, I have always had a desire to capture and share what I see. This led me to pursue a degree in Mass Communication, where I discovered that I not only had a love for the visual arts, but also for teaching.
My method for taking pictures is to control the camera so the viewer sees what I see. I don’t want to change the story, but show how it unfolds. I use the vivid colors of nature and bring them out in the process to capture the viewer’s attention and hold it so that they can allow their imagination to soar.
My goal as a photographer is to tell a story. I want the person viewing my work to feel as though they were there at the moment the shot was taken. I want to stir their emotions and to awaken their imagination. My hope is that through sharing my passion I can take my audience on a journey that will inspire them.”
wildlife, landscapes, historical places, sunsets, sunrises, outdoors


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