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Carol Estes


Laporte, United States

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加入时间: February 10, 2013


Welcome to Carol's gonna be a bumpy ride.

This is a personal journey that I love to share. I have spent most of my life selling vintage items, including great old photography. My life took a big turn off track a few years ago, and my future changed forever. My "eyes" were changed in a split second. As a means of coping, I used the viewfinder to keep my sanity on track. My mantra is: Fix your house, and fix yourself.

There is great personal fulfillment in capturing a moment in time. Welcome to my world.
I am now shooting with a Canon 5D.
I live in the midwest, near the Indiana Dunes, and am obsessed with nature. I also love antiques, and I am working to create some work using my inventory.


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图像供稿人 Laporte, United States, United States

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