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Leigh-on-Sea, United Kingdom

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In my opinion, diversity holds the key to all great images.
I mostly use my Konica Dynax 40 mostly with a 28-100mm or 70-300mm Lens. Occasionally I use a Canon digital Ixus 2 which I carry nearly everywhere for them chance shots. I am currently looking to get a Digital SLR to use alongside my 35mm SLR, but have not decided which one to go for yet. I will still continue using my 35mm as I love using film.
I mostly shoot landscapes, especially mountain ranges as I have a longing to spend as much time as I can in the mountains. This must come from living just outside London. I frequently include water in my images, which covers most of my local shots as I live on the Thames Estuary. I also have an interest in architecture so I frequently photograph buildings in London while working up there and any other city I visit. I always look out for the buildings that look out of place in their surroundings, be that a small shed by a lake or modern building in a Victorian town.


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图像供稿人 Leigh-on-sea, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

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