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加入时间: December 1, 2005


Photography inspires me to view the ordinary objects in our world differently. My goal is to capture the essence of an everyday object or human experience in a way that promotes an emotional response. I want my audience to join me as I marvel at the simplicity and starkness, the complexity and uniqueness of the world around me. By focusing on such elements as repetitive shapes, light and shadow, magnification and unusual perspectives, I transform the common to the unexpected. This motivates me as a photographer.

People often ask me how I find the pictures I take, or how I see them. Honestly, they find me. Sometimes an abstract pattern will catch my eye immediately. Other times I may pass an object or scene for weeks in my car or on a walk and then suddenly something striking jumps out at me.

When traveling or exploring a new venue, I often notice a recurrence of objects or a theme particular to the location. This inspiration might be as simple as dormers up against a blue sky and clouds, rusted locks of New Orleans, people’s stances on a beach in Maine or old bicycles chained to Roman street signs. This rhythm or theme then becomes internalized and guides my photography.

I also concentrate on the shared human experiences we all encounter. Instead of focusing on the identity of the subject, my candid shots capture the emotion of the moment. This allows one to peer into my subject’s thoughts or private moments in a way that promotes identification and reflection.

I have always been the type of person to share my feelings and ideas freely. This has influenced my life, and to a great extent, my photography. What I see, I want others to see too. Photography is a vehicle for me to share my artistic insight and vision with others in a very tangible and exciting manner.
Canon D40
Abstract, Textures, Repetition, People, Nature

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