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Hi there! My name is Tyler, I am the owner of TYW Digital Media. I love creating VFX and Motion Graphics.

I have carried out work on many projects such as display videos for the Jacobsburg Historical Society, tour and display videos for the IT Academy at LCTI, and others. I also have worked on several projects that, sadly, I cannot show due to contract details of ownership. In short, I have accomplished much but can not publicly post or include some work in my portfolio due to some clients that do not want me to.

I currently have over 15 certifications, over 9 honors and awards, and have years of experience at your disposal. You have the need for a project and I have the key to make it look awesome!

-Tyler Wursta
Senior Editor, Owner
TYW Digital Media
Photography: Targus Tripod Canon Rebel T5i Canon Rebel T3i Smartphone(s)
Video Editing Post-Production Motion Graphics 2-D Animation Stop Motion

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图像供稿人 Emmaus, United States, United States

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