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I'm an amateur astronomer, photographer, and all round know-it-all (what other type can there be?) from County Down, Northern Ireland, and I enjoy photographing almost anything, so I find myself carrying my camera (an Olympus SP-570UZ, or now my Canon EOS 450D) just about everywhere with me.
I'm coming to the end of my time at school in the next few months, so trying to do much photography can be quite difficult, but a much needed distraction from study. I'm taking A-levels in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Geology, and I'm hoping to carry Physics and Astronomy on to university, somewhere out of Northern Ireland.

I started taking photos quite some time ago; mostly by borrowing cameras from other people; I've always been inclined to take vast numbers of photographs whenever I go anywhere with a camera. I'm not really terribly sure whether that's a good thing, but I have the general opinion that it isn't...
Canon EOS 450D Olympus SP 570UZ
Landscapes, animals, plants


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图像供稿人 Belfast, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

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