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I purchased my first camera with money I earned in a newspaper route in sixth grade from then on there was no stopping me. I first started using my camera to photograph seems that I wanted to paint and was always more interested in painting but my photographs worked so much better artistically. I have been a professional photographer all of my adult life with the exclusion of the time I spent at Ohio University earning my bachelors degree in fine arts majoring in photography. A year after I graduated from you I was so pleased and honored when I received a call from my long time professor at Ohio University asking me to take to great position teaching introductory photography classes, I did soak for two years but felt I came to Ohio University in the 1970s and did not want to spend the rest of my life there as well so when newspapers started offering me Jobs A bit. Early on in my career I did get into several major artistic shows including two at the Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati, I continued working on my art on the side while working full-time newspapers and now I'm working full-time on my art.
"Urbanscape" Wash Park Art, Cincinnati 2015
"Continuous Servos" Wash Park Art, Cincinnati 2014 over 100+ online photo galleries from the 1990-2014
Contemporary Art Center of Cincinnati
part of 2 group shows
"Landscape 83"
"Figure 82"
And too many more to list.
Leica M. M6 CanonG12
Cars, landscape, nature, streets, graffiti


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