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Tony Taylor


Ormond Beach, United States

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加入时间: December 5, 2010

I live in Ormond Beach Florida. The Tomoka State Park is my back yard.I studied graphic arts and photography at D.B.C.C. and also earned scholarships to S.C.A.D. and Florida Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. I have spent the last 19 yrs in the corporate world chasing that "Success Carrot" and in many ways achieved it.Unfortunately at the price of my family and my true happiness. My passion is my children and this beautiful world we live in. Now I am on a new quest a journey that will take me and my children in a new direction with my camera in toe. I hope you enjoy my illustrations...
All nature settings, black and white,

图像供稿人 Ormond Beach, United States, United States

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