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I grew up in a small rural town in SE Ohio with a graduating class of less than 200 students. In 2001 I ventured out to attend OSU, originally to become an Architect but on thing led to another and I ended up with a degree in Landscape Architecture. Upon graduating I decided to start a new adventure and move to Florida where I met my husband (who happens to be from Michigan) and a great bunch of friends.

I'm typically laid back and well organized; if you hang out with me enough you'll find out that I'm not really THAT quiet... Rather a bit of sassy mixed with randomness from the millions of thoughts running through my head at any given time. I love reading jokes off the laffy taffy wrappers, doing crossword puzzles, reading, and creatively expressing myself from sewing, photography, graphic design, to writing.
Nikon D100 Lens: 70-300mm 50mm 18-55mm
Nature, Animals, Everyday Objects,


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