在此期间曾被选为特色摄影师April 17, 2006 和 April 24, 2006

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加入时间: October 31, 2005


Franz Pfluegl discovered his love for photography at the age of 16, when he got his first camera. For some years it has been a hobby, but later on it got his passion. And so he decided during his study, to give it a try and get a professional freelance photographer. The beginning of his career is hard, but the many diversified challenges keep him busy. He likes new things and therefore he likes to be an all-round photographer with preferences in many fields. He does not want to restrict to few subjects. The specialities are portraits, babies, children, act, bodies, erotic, product-shoots, business reports, groups, editorial photography. Now his dreams come true. His style is a very natural and creative one. In the field of product and architecture photos he endeavors for new perspective, clear detail, and fresh and natural light. His favourite citation is from Burk Uzzle: “Photography is a love affair with life." Also in his leisure time Franz likes to take photos for himself just for fun or for free projects. His pet subjects are photos from Vienna and children. A vast collection of his images of Vienna and children are on the website :
Canon EOS 1Ds, 1DMkIV, 5D


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