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Stephen Parulski


Wilkes-barre, United States

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加入时间: October 31, 2006

Stephen D. Parulski has over eighteen years of marketing and business
experience. Mr. Parulski is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University
and Wilkes-University. Mr. Parulski has over 12 years of strategic marketing
and planning experience. He began his career in marketing at The Times
Leader, a 60K daily newspaper (owned by Disney / Knight-Ridder) in Wilkes-
Barre Pennsylvania. There he worked on strategic marketing initiatives for
circulation, business and community development. In addition, Parulski
implemented cost cutting and production initiatives, including installing and e-
tear sheet system (a cutting edge technology of the time that delivered tear
sheets to an advertiser’s in-box via e-mail). Also while there Mr. Parulski
earned the employee of the year award for three years in a row.

Mr. Parulski then relocated to Allentown where he was the Sales
Development Supervisor for the Morning Call newspaper a top 100
newspaper in the United States by circulation. There he was responsible for
all marketing research collection & analysis, training sales managers on
using marketing research in sales proposals, managing trade shows and
negotiating advertising, trade & promotional agreements.

Mr. Parulski relocated back to the Wilkes-Barre market to become the Director
of Marketing and Public Relations for the Northeastern Pennsylvania
Philharmonic where he was in charge of Marketing and Box office functions
for 6 years until his promotion in May of 2011 to the position of Director of
Marketing and Community Relations where he oversaw Marketing and
Development initiatives.

Currently Mr. Parulski is a freelance marketing professional working with
many businesses to reach their marketing and promotional goals.


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