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Silvia Gaudenzi


Milano, Italy

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加入时间: March 20, 2011


Hello! I'll give you my digital illustrations,
my drawings are useful, to make the covers of your ebook,
to make furniture, for your home, with blow-ups on canvas,
or prints on paper for posters, for T-shirts,
great backgrounds for your site, social banners,
and for much more ...
I printed over 50 cm on canvas
and they are beautiful, I have always loved the big size!
I'm also going to experiment with the small excellent prints that give as gifts or hang.
My original is always made of about 40 cm for this you can
reduce and enlarge without losing quality,
I use a mixed technique of digital and traditional painting techniques.
you will find a fail, downloadable in jpg at 300 perfect to be printed immediately.
Contact me for advice on prints or other.
see you soon and thank you for loving my art.
Hi Silvia


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