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加入时间: August 11, 2011

I have taken photographs for as long as I can remember but, I became much more interested when I bought my first computer and discovered that you could get a camera that didn't need a film and the photos could be viewed and edited on the computer!
I went out and bought my first digital camera, which came with a free disc for Photoshop Elements (5 or 6), and I was hooked. Following
on from this, subscribed to several photography magazines which give free cd's with PE's instructions. Over the years I have taken hundreds of photos and just stored them, but now that I am semi retired thought I could do more to stretch myself.
I used to use a DSLR, but I cannot cope with carrying lenses and camera anymore and so now have a Panasonic FZ10000 bridge camera.
I have a lot to learn, but I hope you like my photos. If you purchase one, I would be delighted to know where you used it.
I joined DT in 2011 but have not uploaded photos until June 2016
Panasonic FZ 1000 and occasionally my iPhone 6 Lightroom & Photoshop
Floral close ups or macro, animals, pets, landscape and anything that grabs my interest at the time.


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