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Let me see . . . Where shall I start? Perhaps the beginning would be a good place. Though woman can not live by design alone. I sometimes grow weary of the world of color and form. When my brain becomes fuzzy and my eyes dim, I venture away from the confines of my desk and seek other forms of pleasure and excitement When my aching back tells me that I have communed long enough with nature, I shower the earth from my body and move on to less dangerous activities. I can sit for hours listening to music. Staring off into space, getting lost in the sounds and stories of each composition. And of course I am always up for a good scary or Wi-Fi movie & sometimes obviously as a Indian "romantic chick flick” also. Like this I have passed my colorful childhood to as a professional SANJIV SUTAR from where I have started my designing, commercial exposable career. I have designed over the past 7 years. We take great pride in giving each design client the best possible solution for his or her needs. I have made designs for a wide range of industries, businesses, and organizations. My unique web design philosophy has helped businesses internationally with hard working online & offline presentations. Basically I am a Graphics Designer and my hobby is Photography
Canon 60 D

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