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Raymond Zachariasse


Woerden, Netherlands

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加入时间: February 5, 2014


I am a creative spirit. I love writing (which I do for some magazines), I also create art (for picturebooks and websites). And - ofcourse - I love taking pictures of the world around me.
I followed a few photography courses in The Netherlands, taught by the famous Dies Groot ( and I am open to commissions. You ask and I will create. I hope we can show this beautifl world we are all living on through photos.
Welcome on my journey.
Canon EOS 350D, iPhone 6
I absolutely adore taking macro photos. Its so special to see what you can find if you move your camera really close to an object. We tend to forget that there's a world underneath our feets, on flowers, crawling on trees or flying in the air.


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