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Rene&#x; Keultjes


Almere, Netherlands

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加入时间: February 17, 2015



I’m René Keultjes, a Dutch photographer.
Nature photography, HDR, stills and travel photography are my main interests.

My love for nature and believes are the main reasons why photography is so important in my life. Trough photography I learned to watch, what is the real beauty in life.
My believes in God and the fact that everything was created so beautiful and perfect, makes me humble to notice that I can be a part of this all and enjoy this.

Through this site I hope to make you part of my journey true life and nature and my appreciation for my creator Jehovah God.

I’m looking forward seeing your comments and encouragements.


René started as an carpenter 25 years ago, butt trough several career changes he started photographing 20 years ago.

At first for the local newspaper and some portrait sessions, but after 3 years he slowly started going in the direction of Landscape, Nature and Travel photography.

With the help of al lot experienced and good selling photographers he started making his way up to better focus in photographs and his own way off looking at things, which is a part off his unique stills.

Strong colors, HDR butt also a touch off strangeness makes his photographs stand out between others.

Several off his photos featured in books and magazines and a lot off people in more than 150 country's enjoyed his work in the last 15 years.

So getting one off his photo's on the wall is a unique experience.


to bring good unique photo work in the reach off everybody and not only for the people with big pockets. (downloads only at this moment!)

Feel free to look around in this gallery and I hope that one off these beautiful photos will soon hang on your wall!

With dear regard, René Keultjes
Canon DSLR and Canon Mirrorless and others...
Travel, Culture, Nature, Animals, Landscape, Mini Studio


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图像供稿人 Almere, Netherlands, Netherlands

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