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Aliyah Rbs


Philippines, Philippines

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加入时间: October 25, 2010


I REALLY LIKES 2 B A FASHION DISIGNER..and i push my self 2 achieve..coz it is my habit..and i know i enjoy it..i had much picture different pious
but not yet upload from my celphone coz im lacks of things just like a card reader but as soon as possible i find the way to buy it so that all my nice picture it can be publish my website..later on i upload again here my picture with fashion attire..hope u like out..if you welling just call my that we can negotiate...and i can start my business...this is my temporary picture i upload here hope its inspiring for me..
Celphone only.but later on i will buy digital cam in my own business and more clothes for fashion and also accessories i will because i need it..i had now poor equipment...
English..all related ARTS and design..maybe algebra...

图像供稿人 Philippines, Philippines, Philippines

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