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I am Rajib Roy, born in Bangladesh & now staying in UAE and working in a British company as a Sr. Programmer. Basically I am an electrical engineer but from my boyhood I was fascinated by the beauty of nature & thus began taking photos at the age of 12,when I was given my first camera,Mf2.Day by day i use Sony ,Yeashika & now Nikon D60.

The subject matter of my photography ranged from highest picks of rocky mountains to a shadow of tree over a calm river, from a butterfly over a flower to a flying bird over a sea ,from the sculptures & high risers made by human to the wide green landscapes made by God.

The way, I see the stunning beauty of world, I want to capture those themes by my camera for others. My photography brings together a unique blend of talent & technology with its elegant gesture. I am very blessed person to have experienced so much of life, through the pursuit of photography.

Enjoy my photography & give your comments to improve myself.
Nikon D60


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图像供稿人 Dubai, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates

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