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I am Mohamed Rafi. Photography is my unlimited passion and I look the world with my creative vision. It’s my dream for the past 7 years. I have read and learn t photography through so many books of my interest. Basically I am a Web/Graphic designer having 11+ years of experience and I am an Adobe Certified professional which is my plus. I have started my photography journey since July 2011. And from there on, I am sailing in the sea of photography to reach my destination. I am a romantic lover of designs, with specialized skills in Professional Web designing and consultation. Conducting classes for Various suites of Adobe products. Expertise in Web 2.0 designs , Joomla, Magento, Prestashop and WordPress templates. Flash Banners & Animations; UI / UX Development ( Application Interfaces) Static to dynamic XML conversion, Graphic Design,Logo Designing, Brouchure Designing, Video editing, Motion graphics, E-brochure, PPT presentations, 3D modeling, Texturing, Compositing and Authoring.
Canon 550D,Canon 6D 24-105 L USM,18-55 mm,50mm 1.8 IS II, Canon 75-300 II,Tamron 70-300 F.4 LDI Macro,Benro A550FBK
Nature,Landscape,Portrait,Fashion,Wild, People,


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图像供稿人 Puducherry, India, India

 五颜六色的天空在散步海滩, Puducherry,印度的黎明 库存照片 五颜六色的天空在散步海滩, Puducherry,印度的黎明 五颜六色的天空在散步海滩, Puducherry,印度的黎明 免版税库存照片 五颜六色的天空在散步海滩, Puducherry,印度的黎明 本地治里市` s法国街区, Puducherry,印度五颜六色的街道  图库摄影 本地治里市` s法国街区, Puducherry,印度五颜六色的街道  本地治里市五颜六色的轮转人力车, Puducherry,印度 免版税库存图片 本地治里市五颜六色的轮转人力车, Puducherry,印度 本地治里市五颜六色的轮转人力车, Puducherry,印度 库存图片 本地治里市五颜六色的轮转人力车, Puducherry,印度 本地治里市` s法国街区, Puducherry,印度五颜六色的街道  库存图片 本地治里市` s法国街区, Puducherry,印度五颜六色的街道  本地治里市五颜六色的轮转人力车, Puducherry,印度 免版税库存图片 本地治里市五颜六色的轮转人力车, Puducherry,印度 在街道上的自动人力车在本地治里市,印度 图库摄影 在街道上的自动人力车在本地治里市,印度 在街道上的自动人力车在本地治里市,印度 库存图片 在街道上的自动人力车在本地治里市,印度


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