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Patricia Barker


Springfield, United States

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加入时间: February 17, 2015

Patty transitioned from a bone photographer (X-Ray Technologist) to a full-time professional photographer in 2013. With a home studio in Herndon, VA, Patty specializes in family portraiture, still life images, landscapes and animals. While the main subject of an image is often unimportant, the real power behind a photograph is the story it tells and the feeling it conveys. Many of Patty’s award-winning or published photos were taken from a Kayak or atop a mountain in the Adirondacks. Patty also produces sublimation products by transferring her photos to apparel, ceramics, ornaments and even jigsaw puzzles. Her work is currently being sold in souvenir shops in Upstate New York and Vermont.
Canon 5d Mark II Canon Rebel T2i Canon 60mm Macro Lens Canon 100-400 L Series Lens Variety of Canon L Series Lenses


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