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Budapest, Hungary

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加入时间: February 1, 2007

I am Mr. Ödön Czintos photographer,
I am member of the MAFOSZ (National Federation of Hungarian Photographers).
I am interested in taking pictures since 1984. I always intend to show new faces of nature and the world surrounding us.
I’m not interested only in nature photography.
When something captures my mind, I try to capture it with my best knowledge and creativity.
I took part in several Hungarian and international photo competition with different success.
My photographs participated in joint and individual exhibitions.
My photos received first, second, third places or special awards.
My photograps are published in photo magazines and books.
I am mostly proud of my photographs exhibited in the European Parliament and in the American National Museum in the United States of America,Dubai and Hungay.

Best regards,

Czintos Ödön


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