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Ballston Spa, United States

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加入时间: August 26, 2007

I earned my B.A. degree at the State University of NY at Albany, majoring in English and minoring in Journalism. Strangely enough, I became a computer instructor and PR representative of the local library where we lived at the time. I have now worked as a computer instructor for 23 years in a library setting, but have since moved on to another library.

I began teaching children on Commodore 64 microcomputers. The library then advanced to IBM compatibles, and we instructed adults on everything from word processing to digital imaging as it evolved. Now, I still teach computer classes but we also include digital photography and understanding the basics of digital cameras. It's been an exciting job, and I'm very glad to be in this field.

There is never an exhaustion of material, and learning is part of my everyday way of life. I am always seeing life in a different way, and through my camera and computer software, I have endless possibilities for art and communication.
Canon S2 IS digital camera 5mpx and Canon G9 12.1 mpx
nature, animals, textures, flowers


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