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Valeriy Krey


Sale, United Kingdom

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加入时间: April 16, 2007


Areas of Specialization Creative Advertising, Commercial and Fine Art Photography, Digital Art and New Media. Exhibitions 2004 Digital World. International Photo Fair -2004, Kiev. Group Exhibition. 2004 Symmetric Botany. Nina Rodgers House, Toronto. Solo Exhibition. 2004 Painting by God. Nina Rodgers House, Toronto. Solo Exhibition. 2000 REX 2000. National Advertising Exhibition, Kiev. Gold Winner in Photo. 1990 Perestroika. Cinema House, Moscow. Group Exhibition. 1989 150 Years of Photography. Manege, Moscow. Group Exhibition. 1988 Fashion in the USSR. Central Fashion House, Kharkov. Solo Exhibition. Bibliography - Reviews and Articles Present of Fate. Painting by God. E-PHOTO Magazine (Russia). August 2004. Valeriy Krey, photographer. Person of The Week. AFISHA Magazine (Ukraine). #29, July 2004. Art of Own Life. Valeriy Krey. Profile. dFOTO Magazine (Ukraine). # 3, November, 2003. Valeriy Krey. Special Story for MADE. MADE Magazine (Ukraine). October 2001. Valeriy Krey - Famous Photographer in The Ukraine. Review and Interview. 1+1 National TV Channel. April 1998. Looking for Adventures. V. Krey - Biographical Review. GENTLEMAN Magazine (Ukraine). November 1998. Advertising Photographer Valeriy Krey. ADVERTISING MIRROR Magazine (Ukraine). #9, 1997. Fashion Photographer in Ukraine. About Valeriy Krey. EVA Magazine (Ukraine). April 1996. Valeriy Krey, Photographer from Ukraine. FOTO&VIDEO Magazine (Sweden). September, 1991. Valeriy Krey. New Wave Photographer. PHOTO Magazine (France). July, 1989. Glamour and Nude. KAMERA-LEHTI Magazine (Finland). October, 1989. Professional Service Photography and Video productions. Creative Advertising. Consulting for Advertising Visual Projects. Expertise of Photographic Images and Creative Advertising. Web and Graphic Design. Training and Workshops in Photography. Technical Abilities Professional-level Photography, Graphic Design, Digital Multimedia Graphic Design and Video Production skills. Excellent computer skills in Windows and Macintosh OS, Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe ImageReady CS, Adobe Illustrator CS, Free Hand MX, Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX Professional, iView MediaPro, Fireworks MX. Professional Organizations Member of Ukrainian Fine Art Photographers Union. Member of Russian Fine Art Photographers Union. Member of Ukrainian Advertising Photographers Guild. Member of Ukrainian Art Di
Pentax *istD Canon 5D Pentax 67 Hasselblad 501CM Cambo Master 4x5'' Nikon Super CoolScan 8000
portraits, still life, montage, landscapes, digital art


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