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Padova, Italy

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Born in Padua in 1977, Leopoldo Noventa is an italian photographer specialized in nature and travel, portraits, sports and dancing events.

One of his great passions is travel. Through his photography he seeks to document his own personal experiences, to capture scenes and events as he sees them and to share with others the beauty and diversity of the world he has seen.

The equipment which he uses most often includes:
- 35 milimeter reflex: Canon EOS 350D with Tamron viewer
- digital camera: Canon Powershot S2 IS

He also provides artistic and wedding photographic services in Venetia Region.

Visit his website www.photographart.net !
- 35 milimeter reflex: Canon EOS 350D with Tamron and Sigma viewer - digital camera: Canon Powershot S2 IS
nature, Venice, flamenco and dancing events, travel


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图像供稿人 Padova, Italy, Italy

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